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Athena is a normal girl at Triton Middle School right? Well not exactly. One evening a letter comes from Mount Olympus from Zeus, saying that she is a goddess girl and Zeus's daughter.Right then when she finishes reading the letter her kind of step-sister (Pal) asked what was that. Athena told her and then asked if she should go. Pal says yes and then they start packing together.... Once Athena comes to the school she meets three best friends: Aphrodite, Persephone, and Artemis. But Athena also has got an enemy, Medusa! Medusa thinks that Athena is crushing on Poseidon, but she's not. But along with that problem there is another one Athena thinks she's not doing so well in this school because her inventions for the fair go down to the normal world disturbing people. But when it comes to the fair she wins first prize, and Poseidon wins second they each get wish for something they want and Athena of course wishes for Pal to come over. With the help of Athena's friends Athena finally believes she belongs in M.O.A.