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Down, Down, DownA Journey to the Bottom of the SeaJenkins, SteveBookJ 591.77 Jenkins
Squirrels Leap, Squirrels SleepSayre, April PulleyBookE Sayre
Almost GoneThe World's Rarest AnimalsJenkins, SteveBookJ 591.68 Jenkins
Eye to EyeHow Animals See the WorldJenkins, SteveBookJ 573.8 Jenkins
Creature Features25 Animals Explain Why They Look the Way They DoJenkins, SteveBookJ 571.31 Jenkins
The Animal BookA Collection of the Fastest, Fiercest, Toughest, Cleverest, Shyest--and Most Surprising--animals on EarthJenkins, SteveBookJ 590 Jenkins
Actual SizeJenkins, SteveBookJ 591.4 Jenkins
Mama Dug A Little DenWard, JenniferBookE Ward
Can An Aardvark Bark?Stewart, MelissaBookJ 591.594 Stewart
Mama Built A Little NestWard, JenniferBookE Ward
My First DayJenkins, SteveBookJ 591.39 Jenkins
Volcano Wakes Up!Peters, Lisa WestbergBookJ 811 Peters
BonesSkeletons and How They WorkJenkins, SteveBookJ 573.76 Jenkins 2010
Hello Baby!Fox, MemBookE Fox
How Many WaysJenkins, SteveBookJ 591.5 Jenkins
Move!Jenkins, SteveBookE Jenkins
What Do You Do With A Tail Like This?Jenkins, SteveBookJ 573.8 Jenkins
Bugs Are InsectsRockwell, Anne F.BookJ 595.7 Rockwell
Bugs Are InsectsRockwell, Anne FBookJ 595.7 Rockwell
Hello Baby!Fox, MemBoard BookToddler Fox
Woodpecker Wham!Sayre, April PulleyBookE Sayre
The Mystery of Darwin's FrogCrump, Martha LBookJ 597.8 Crump
Spot the AnimalsA Lift-the-flap Book of ColorsJenkins, SteveBoard BookToddler Spot
The Beetle BookJenkins, SteveBookJ 595.76 Jenkins
Billions of Years, Amazing ChangesThe Story of EvolutionPringle, LaurenceBookJ 576.8 Pringle 2011
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