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Dancing With Daddy

Schulte, Anitra Rowe
Book, 2021

Picture Books Schulte

The Night Before Christmas

Moore, Clement C
Book, 2021

Picture Books Moore

A Christmas Carol

Dickens, Charles
Book, 2021

J Fiction Dickens

The Barn

Rogers, Leah H.
Book, 2021

E Rogers

Buffalo Wild!

Havrelock, Deidre
Book, 2021

E Havrelock

Amos McGee Misses the Bus

Stead, Philip Christian
Book, 2021

E Stead

The Impossible Mountain

Soman, David
Book, 2021

E Soman

Bounce Back

Misako Rokkusu
Book, 2021

J Graphic Novel Misako Rokkusu

Katie the Catsitter

Venable, Colleen A. F.
Book, 2021

J Graphic Novel Venable

Cold Turkey

Schwartz, Corey Rosen
Book, 2021

E Schwartz

The Sleepover

Regina, Michael
Book, 2021

J Graphic Novel Regina

Batman and Robin and Howard

Brown, Jeffrey
Book, 2021

J Graphic Novel Brown

Original Cat, Copy Cat

Kurpiel, Sarah
Book, 2021

E Kurpiel

This Is A Dog Book!

Henderson, Judith
Book, 2021

E Henderson


Hatch, Leanne
Book, 2021

E Hatch

Big Wig

Hillman, Jonathan
Book, 2022

E Hillman

Welcome to the Cypher

Dill, Khodi
Book, 2021

E Dill

Beauty Woke

Ramos, NoNieqa
Book, 2021

E Ramos


Magruder, Nilah
Book, 2021

E Magruder


A Circle of Life Story

Thomas, Isabel
Book, 2021

E Thomas

Light for All

Engle, Margarita
Book, 2021

E Engle

Katt Loves Dogg

Patterson, James
Book, 2021

J Fic Patterson

Stanley's Toy Box

Bee, William
Book, 2021

Toddler Bee

Red and Green and Blue and White

Inspired by A True Story

Wind, Lee
Book, 2021

E Wind


Prequel to The Merlin Saga

Barron, T. A.
Book, 2021

J Fiction Barron

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