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Sep 28, 2015Cheryl65 rated this title 4.5 out of 5 stars
Half Magic is a story about 4 like-able, ordinary siblings (ages ~ 12-6) who find a coin that grants wishes. They take separate turns wishing on the coin, to wish for that kid's "heart's desire." Then that ONE kid uses the coin to wish corrections to their resulting shared adventure. Wishing is tricky (dangerous?). My granddaughter and I liked watching the 4 kids discuss how to fix unexpected glitches. The book has 8 long chapters -- one wish-adventure per chapter. I liked reading one adventure per evening, allowing time for its ideas to percolate in our heads during the next day. The book leads to a "heart's desire" ending for the entire family. Next, we'll read Magic by the Lake, where the same 4 kids encounter a different kind of magic, that has different rules.