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May 08, 2021vesmirny rated this title 5 out of 5 stars
Tragically similar to the experiences so many Japanese-Canadians endured here during the same era, this book related Takei's family's difficult, courageous journey in the US. Books like these help all of us better understand the sinister history and inhumane policies of our governments. They also demonstrate how easily power can be used to subjugate and oppress anyone unjustly, even citizens of our own country. Especially at this challenging point, and following 4 years of rampant racism from the former U.S. President, it is important to read, digest and help make the changes that are necessary to ensure that discrimination and internment never happen again. Should be required reading and discussion in all high school Social Studies 10 classes, in addition to the existing curricular content (Canada's internment of Japanese-Canadians).