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Mar 14, 2021
File under RACIST CHILDREN’S BOOKS:; "Caravan ahoy!" he shouted. "SOS! Help! Lend a hand!" The three mangy camels and the ragged Arab altered their course and came toward them. As they drew nearer, the four children began to wish they wouldn't. The ragged Arab's expression was crafty, and definitely unattractive. As he came to a stop before them he smiled, which made him look more unpleasant than ever. "Bismillah!" he said. "How!" said Martha. "What do you think he is, an Indian?" hissed Mark, under his breath. He addressed the Arab. "Allee samee show humble servant nearest oasis chop-chop?" "He won't understand that either—that's Chinese!" said Jane. But the Arab seemed to comprehend. "Western children follow Achmed," he said. Jane refused to go. "We can't leave the charm!" she cried. "It's our only chance to get home!" "We might get to a place where there's Western Union. We could cable Mother collect. She might send for us," said Katharine doubtfully. "It would cost untold millions and take ages!" cried Jane. "I won't budge from this spot! We'll find the magic thing if we keep looking!" But the Arab, Achmed, seized her by the arm and propelled her, none too gently, toward the nearest camel. "Do what he says," Mark whispered to Jane. "We have to get some water, anyway. We can always find this spot again if we leave the roller skates to mark it." Includes a racist illustration.