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Jan 03, 2021hannah8177 rated this title 5 out of 5 stars
If you don't like long reviews, just read the last segment. But if you enjoy wasting time like I did writing this, just keep reading: You don't need to be a koreaboo and/or a weeb to gain interest in this story; it's a fictitious, representative novel of thousands of stories told by Korean-Japanese immigrants and their descendants (best of both worlds? possibly). In this novel, Min Jin Lee writes the tale of several generations through one Korean family line over various life circumstances, allowing readers to sympathize and follow with every character's storylines. She is amazing at writing overlapping character development as she intertwines complex issues into the story. The plot is devoted to a genuine issue among Korean-Japanese immigrants and descendants who suffer from discrimination of being a "zainichi", a Japanese slang term referring to "foreign resident staying in Japan". The novel took about a week to read and I was amazed at the author's expertise the entire time. Though this story stood with Lee for nearly 30 years, it was definitely time well spent writing. TL;DR: -book = good. -compatible for (non-) koreaboos and weebs /s -centralized around discrimination among Korean-Japanese citizens -there is some gambling. some drinking. lots of sex. just the good stuff.