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Nov 24, 2020IndyPL_TammieB rated this title 5 out of 5 stars
This is an element of US history that little is taught about. Although most are aware that the internment happened, most have no idea of any of the details of the experience. As with any part of our history, those who ignore the past are doomed to repeat it. This book helps us learn what really happened, why it happened, and how those involved were impacted by it. The book also moves into present day and shows what our country has done in response to the pain of the past and even how it has impacted current actions it has taken. A major theme of the book is based on the idea that “our democracy is participatory. Existentially it is dependent on people who cherish the shining, highest ideals of our democracy and actively engaging in the political process.” This book is a great way to personalize events in history. The reader gets to know the Takei family and empathizes with their story. It also recognizes some of the amazing contributions of Mr. Takei as an activist and philanthropist, not just an actor. This is a fun and easy read as a graphic novel, yet it is very thought provoking. It acts as a reminder of a shameful time in America's history, and at the same time is so terrifyingly relevant to today. It offers far too many parallels with the present day, cautioning us against how easy it is to turn a neighbor into an "other" into an enemy.