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Aug 13, 2020TEENREVIEWBOARD rated this title 5 out of 5 stars
Mark Watney is probably the least special astronaut. He isn't the first person on Mars, on the first ship to mars, or even in the first ten trips to Mars. It takes only one dust storm, however, to make Watney the most famous Mars astronaut ever, when he is stranded on the surface alone and without hope of rescue for months. Fantastic book, a real page turner. It has enough technical lingo for the hard-core sci-fi fan, but has the suspense and humor to keep the average reader hooked. I read this book from front to back over a few days. I went into this book expecting a space age, robinson crusoe spin-off, but got much, much more. The only possible concern would be the frequent use of curse words. I would recommend this book to anyone vaguely interested in science fiction and adventure/suspense type books. @mittopic of the Teen Review Board at the Hamilton Publci Library I assume that by now we all know the story of this book, or at least the general idea from the movie’s trailer. That was an awesome movie, and for once, the book is even better, but for the same reasons. There’s Mark Whatney’s infectiously positive attitude and great sense of humour; the fact that he is always explaining to us through his logs what he is planning to do, how it will work, and what could go wrong; the random references to pop culture, etc. And it leaves no doubt that Whitney would have no problem whatsoever living through quarantine. Earth to reader… come in reader. Do not pick up this book. You need to get some sleep tonight. Ten out of ten. @R2-D2 of the Hamilton Public Library's Teen Review Board