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Jul 04, 2020navy_jay_67 rated this title 5 out of 5 stars
Awesome book and series. Slightly messy start but quickly goes through an awesome plot. This series does not have as much god interference compared to the author's other series, although they are crucial to the plot, which leaves Magnus and his friends to act themselves. I'm also quite delighted by the representation here-- one of the main characters is deaf and signs ASL, which helps with my studies. Later in the series there is a genderfluid person (also main character). This series, unlike the Egyptian and Greek/Roman series this author also has, does not go very in depth into the gods-- not many are featured, though this may be because it is hard to source. Rick should elaborate more, as minor deities in Norse mythology are not given any time here. Great book and series. Recommend 100%. If that is not enough to tempt, the main storyline interacts with main characters of the Percy Jackson series.