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Jun 13, 2020bRIaNt51 rated this title 4 out of 5 stars
Magnus Chase becomes homeless when a pack of wolves kill his mother and destroy his former apartment. After years of homelessness, he suddenly encounters his estranged uncle, who introduces him to Norse mythology and Viking history. After uncovering a long lost Viking sword, Magnus is quite literally carried into another world; Here, he meets new friends from different time periods and worlds, and tumbles into a quest, where the fate of the world(s) is in his hands. The Sword of Summer starts an intriguing trilogy into Norse Gods and mythology. Rick Riordan, with his knowledge in Greek and Roman mythology, yet again employs humor, suspense, and a dynamic group of characters to enhance his storytelling, and keep readers on their toes. Those who read this book will not only have a good laugh, but will also learn things about Norse mythology that they might not learn about in school.