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Jan 08, 2020JLMason rated this title 4 out of 5 stars
Every China Mieville book is markedly different from the others with the only common elements being superbly imaginative stories and delightful word play that cognitively challenge the reader. The Last Days of New Paris is no different. But reading it is a difficult, phantasmagoric journey of the bizarre, not surprising considering its premise is the release of surrealist art lifeforms called "manifs" (for manifestations) on war time Paris. At its core, the plot is a simple quest story of good vs evil vs worse evil that takes place in a distorted landscape warped by freakish phenomena. If you are not familiar with surrealism and the movement’s founders, read about them before tackling the book. Then when you pick up the book, go to the very end where the author has a helpful glossary of surrealist information and read it (wish I had discovered it sooner!). Now you’re ready for a wild ride, perhaps on an Amateur of Velocipedes.