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DanglingConversations made a comment Sep 19 2018
"Fast paced rogue secret service vs. the good guy. China is one of the good guys. Of course Amber gets out of so many near death experiences it beggars belief, but it is still a fun read." Permalink
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""Welcome to Robert Ludlum's pacing, tight plotting, international intrigue." --"Cleveland Plain Dealer On Parrish Island, a restricted island off the coast of Virginia, there is a little known and never visited psychiatric facility....
DanglingConversations made a comment Sep 17 2018
"A novel of 'manners' written in the mid 20th century. Author is not trying to mimic Jane Austen but the setting is set in 18th century England and reflects the misogyny and elitism of the time. A good read, some 'over writing' and Jane Austen woul..." Permalink
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Sep 17 2018
"This was Georgette Heyer's first Regency romance and it's easy to tell. There's a ton of description in this book, almost too much at points (I skimmed the Royal Pavilion section a lot). However, it made me like the book even more because it felt ..." Permalink
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