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jassiet made a comment Oct 02 2018
"Oakland band that's a fun mix of doo wop, surf, and rock. The lead singer, Shannon (duh), has just enough rasp to make her voice interesting without being grating. This is their most polished album, with production by Dan Auerbach (The Black Keys)." Permalink
jassiet made a comment Sep 13 2018
"The most polished of their albums, The Louder I Call, is super enjoyable. It's catchy and driving, without turning into empty pop. It takes their dream pop sound and pushes it a little farther with some quick synth beats. As always, their lyrics a..." Permalink
jassiet added a title to their For later shelf Sep 10 2018
Growing out of a Popular Science feature article, this work combines a pop-science journey around the globe with a fascinating tale of an iconic American business enterprise that takes readers into the high-tech labs where new bananas are...
jassiet liked a comment by
Sep 10 2018
"Brilliant and inspirational orchestral music that will make you want to take on adventures you had no idea you had the energy to pursue!" Permalink
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