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udthum made a comment Apr 11 2019
"I picked up this particular book because it was available at the library, although it is quite outdated. It also demonstrated how far the possibilities for vacation rental by owner has come due to the books last update being in 2007. The book was ..." Permalink
udthum made a comment Dec 29 2016
"A Tale for the Time Being is Ruth Ozeki's exploration of Buddhist concept's of time. She explores how time passes for different people depending on their situation, integrating Buddhist philosophy and quantum physics. The book also provided a glim..." Permalink
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Nov 03 2016
"This book is on my all-time great books to read and reread list. When I was in college, an anthro professor said when she finished it she was so sad that there wasn't a society like the one in the book to live in. I agree tremendously! Well wor..." Permalink
udthum made a comment Nov 03 2016
"I read Woman on the Edge of Time immediately after finishing Parable of the Sower and I am following a reading list of recommendations of an anarchist friend of mine. She teaches a class about utopias and distopias and how they influence our colle..." Permalink
udthum made a comment Jul 19 2016
"This book disturbed my sense of justice in the world but certainly illuminated a new sense of compassion. Bastard Out of Carolina is set in the South and is about a poor white girl, nicknamed Bone, who gets abused by her step father. The book is t..." Permalink
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