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dacordner made a comment Jun 08 2018
"Not a complete waste of time, but pretty close. No real discussion, just lots of checklists that are supposed to add up to a retirement plan." Permalink
dacordner rated a title Jun 08 2018
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dacordner made a comment Apr 09 2018
"Not Trollope's best book. The plot is given away in the first Chapter. It then takes 500 pages to complete what should have been a short story." Permalink
dacordner made a comment Feb 10 2018
"Better than #4, but still weak. The author takes the "Tom Clancy" approach to action, that is taking a straight forward plot and substituting historical narrative, and changing character viewpoints as a substitute for straight forward q..." Permalink
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Jul 06 2017
"Disappointing, It almost reads as another version of the Joy Luck Club. Tan fails to discuss the cultural and political history of Shanghai during this chaotic period of history. The gangs, the rise of the Communists, the takeover of Chang gets..." Permalink
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