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"Not my style of story... too many descriptive facts... a little slow to start... some info really not necessary..." Permalink
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"Things are heating up in the Big Easy. Weres have announced their existence to the world, and revived the bitter tensions that run between them and their old enemies: vampires. As a trusted employee of Leo Pellissier, Blood Master of the City,...
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"page one talks about the "goats they f*** for sport." page two mentions the young girl too small for your big . . ." I'm done." Permalink
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WPC 56

DVD - 2013
"WPC 56 transports us back to the atmospheric world of the 1950s where from the war-torn past, a future full of energy and opportunity beckons. Nowhere is this more apparent than at Brinford police station where the new WPC Gina Dawson (Jennie...
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