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"I -ADORE- this book. The illustrations are so lovely, from the way the characters are drawn to those gorgeous dresses! The story was an emotional roller-coaster, where I was giggling one moment and gasping the next. The end had me kicking m..." Permalink
the_bookwyrm rated a title Nov 07 2018
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It Came From The Podcasts
"Radio may be fading, television is splintered into too many subscription channels and streaming is very expensive but thankfully we still have the joy of podcasts! This free-to-stream content exists as a creative corner of the internet. Podcasts p..."
the_bookwyrm made a comment Aug 13 2018
I Am Big Bird
DVD - 2015
"A sincere documentary about a talented puppeteer and his accomplishments. I highly recommend this one if you want to learn about one of Sesame Street's veteran cast members and the process behind creating and performing one of television's most b..." Permalink
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