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Asexual and Aromantic Characters
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Fiction featuring ace spectrum and/or aro spectrum characters! You will find a mix of print and ebooks in the list, including materials on Hoopla. Not sure how to use ebooks? Give your local branch a call, and we can help! -MCFL - MCFL
Title Overview Format & Publisher Call Number
An Accident of Stars An Accident of Stars eBook - 2016
Summer Bird Blue Summer Bird Blue Book - 2018
Simon Pulse
Teen Fiction Bowman
Archivist Wasp Archivist Wasp
A Novel
Book - 2015
Big Mouth House
Fiction Kornher-Stace, N
Common Bonds Common Bonds
A Speculative Aromantic Anthology
Book - 2020
Claudie Arseneault
SC Common
Not your Backup Not your Backup Book - 2019
Interlude Press
Teen Fiction Lee
Syncopation - by Anna Zabo Syncopation - by Anna Zabo
Web Resource
The Perfect Assassin The Perfect Assassin Book - 2019
Science Fiction Doore
Iwunen Interstellar Investigations – the webserial Iwunen Interstellar Investigations – the webserial
Web Resource
Let's Talk About Love Let's Talk About Love Book - 2018
Swoon Reads
Teen Fiction Kann
The Midnight Bargain The Midnight Bargain Book - 2020
Erewhon Books
Science Fiction Polk
Help Wanted by J. Emery Help Wanted by J. Emery
Web Resource
Elatsoe Elatsoe Book - 2020
Levine Querido
YA Fiction Little Badger
His Quiet Agent by Ada Maria Soto His Quiet Agent by Ada Maria Soto
Web Resource
The AroAce Database The AroAce Database
Web Resource
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