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Typically, when I finish one book, I immediately pick up the next. However, on occasion I finish a book that is too meaningful or impactful to simply move on from; a book that lingers in my thoughts for a day, or two, or more; carving out a spot for itself and temporarily forbidding any new stories from taking root. The Midnight Library was just such a book.

Thanks to It’s a Wonderful Life, we’re all familiar with the trope of a suicidal character getting to experience what if their life had been lived differently. And thanks to the multi-billion-dollar grossing Marvel Avengers franchise, the concept of a multiverse is fairly mainstream. The Midnight Library takes this old trope and a multiverse of possibilities, and weaves together a powerful human tale of regret, connection and possibility. Both message and medium flow in harmony in this one, as a story expertly unfolds with profundity and creativity. Read at the risk of experiencing personal feelings of deep self-reflection and inspiration.

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