Fear Trump in the White House By Woodward, Bob Book - 2018

Legendary journalist Bob Woodward has written more than a few fly-on-the-wall accounts of recent history, and his work has certainly withstood the test of time. So, when an express copy of his latest book, “Fear”, came across the desk, I grabbed it. I have avoided all the other books about the current administration, but this one, well, it had Bob Woodward’s name on it. That means something to me. I believe he writes in a fact-based, business-like manner without sensationalism; I have trust in the veracity of his work. However, I suppose that the solid base of presidential supporters will hate “Fear”, denounce it as full of lies, and dismiss it as just another futile liberal media attack. Conversely, a sizable portion of the rest of the population will be disgusted, but probably not surprised, by the book’s sometimes disturbing content. It could very well be that “Fear” will not change anyone’s mind. All I know is that I have read many of Bob Woodward’s books over the years (I still have a well-worn paperback copy of “All the President’s Men” somewhere at home.) and he has built up a large reservoir of credibility, in my opinion. If he says an event or a meeting or a conversation took place, that’s enough for me. He puts the facts out there, and it is up to the reader to decide what it all means.

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