Well... so much for that saying: "Revenge is a plate best eaten cold!" This film is anything but... It's hot-bloodedly brutal, searingly graphic and disgustingly explicit and when it's all over, I guess the audience is supposed to feel retribution was served on those who would do that kind of evil upon innocent human beings...
But - at what cost?! If you allow yourself to act like the vicious murderers you exact your revenge upon - are you any different? I'm not sure what the motivation was for filming such a violent flick - if not for the gratuitous thrill of seeing a wrong - "righted" - in the only way people who act like animals, understand: Righted as violently as possible! Or, maybe that's the whole point being made here - that all human beings are capable of anything, if sufficiently motivated!
This ISN'T a straight remake of Wes Craven's, some-say, landmark horror movie (I thought the original sucked!), despite its title - even though the same, Wes Craven was involved in this version as producer. What it kept was the pure exploitation of the old classic, trading in thriller for horror and adding in moral vindication for revenging degradation, as easily as murder.
Technically speaking - this film is well crafted and expertly filmed, with some very convincing acting from all characters involved. Having said that - I still shake my head at why it had to be remade. There're no redeeming values to be found, despite its moralistic message, so Hollywood exploitation rears its ugly head again, I'm afraid, leaving the audience aghast at some of the things they are subjected to, in the name of nostalgic remake.

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