Strangers in Their Own Land
Strangers in Their Own Land Anger and Mourning on the American Right By Hochschild, Arlie Russell Book - 2018

There is nothing revelatory in this book. Hochschild writes about things that are new to her, but really shouldn't have been. I really doubt that people picking up this book are unaware of the Tea Party, but Hochschild writes like it was a total mystery to her before she went to Louisiana. The book is a list of social calls to various people in Louisiana, and it's not a very deep look at those people or their beliefs. Why do they believe what they believe? They don't like big government, and they're frustrated that they can't get ahead. That's it. That's all she offers as an explanation. I can't believe this was the result of five years of research. There was nothing in here that she couldn't have learned from a five minute conversation with someone in line at the grocery store.

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