The lure
The lure DVD - 2017 | Polish

Strange story with parts that turn it into horror. I'm not a person that really watches much horror. I perfer scifi, adventure, drama, animation, and documentaries. But some shows have more than one style to it.

This was a creepy show that at points looks lije a twisted version of "Splash." Which I think was a mermaid in the bathtub or family pool.

This one follows two teens visiting a friend that left the sea. One of them falls in love with a troubled man. She can't be with him and gets compared to a barbie. She undergoes a transplant with someone that wants to be a mermaid. Then later tests a myth that shell be destroyed for it.

Before that the other mermaid freaks out and eats two people. Like some vampire myth.

It also has some weird music bits. Which might be some Russian thing. I saw "Ice" recently at the theater which is a figure skating movie. It also had some weird music scenes and was Russian.

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