It took me a little while to get through this book. I found myself interested in it, but also really turned off by the horrifying subject matter. I ended up feeling really disturbed in my daily life while reading this book. The descriptions of the sexual, mental and emotional abuse of a young girl were overwhelming for me.

As another reader also pointed out, I think some of the dialogue was not very believable. The dialogue between the teenage boys seemed way off from how I remember teenage boys talking. I do, however, feel opposite to one reader who didn't think Turtle could both love and hate her dad. I think systematic emotional and mental abuse of a child can really play a lot of tricks on their mind and leave them confused in so many ways. I did find that aspect believable.

I am glad I read the book as I never read these types of books. I would not recommend this book for anyone who is easily disturbed by "bad" things.

jenwallace's rating:
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