This humorous and very contemporary novel tackles serious topics, oh so many serious, taboo topics, in an affectionate and sardonic way. Related from several first person voices; principally Eve, a middle age divorcee and empty nester with a new found passion for Internet porn and a desire to reinvent herself; and her son, Brandon, an entitled, boorish and rather unlikeable first year college student, the novel takes on many topics and unpacks them in a way that brings the reader to some serious introspection.

Peopled by a colourful and diverse set of characters including a transgender college professor, a heavily tattooed care giver, a skater boy looking for a MILF, a good ‘ol boy roomie, an ex-husband with a young wife and autistic child, and many more, this book boldly takes on many subjects that might be cringe worthy if not handled so skillfully by Mr. Perrotta. White privilege, bullying, eroticism, hook ups, ethical dilemmas, ageism, diversity, and many other uncomfortable scenarios will compel readers to examine their own prejudices and moral judgements.

This book is definitely risqué and may not be suitable for all readers.

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