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Mind Over Meds
Mind Over Meds Know When Drugs Are Necessary, When Alternatives Are Better-- and When to Let your Body Heal on Its Own By Weil, Andrew Book - 2017

" The Problems With Antidepressant Use In Children" "In industrialized societies like ours, blood pressure rises with age in most people. Age-related hypertension is associated with stiffening of arteries and is so common as to be considered a normal consequence of growing older. But it does not exist in the few remaining hunter-gatherer societies, suggesting that it is more related to life-style than to the aging process. Key lifestyle factors are likely to be diet, physical activity, and stress. Our high consumption of processed foods and manufactured foods loaded with sodium and quick-digesting carbohydrates is far from the more natural whole-foods diet of hunter-gatherers and probably affects blood pressure for the worse. Regular physical activity keeps arteries more elastic and helps maintain normal weight, both of which correlate with normal blood pressure."

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