If you think this will be another book regarding/discussing/explaining anything to do with politics, well you wouldn't be completely wrong, but wait! It's so much more than that. Best written book you will ever read about how someone not extremely rich and well-funded became a US Senator. Not only that, but what it's like, who you have to work with, why you would even do such a crazy endeavor, plus humor.

It's not surprising the author is an amazing senator who is good at his job. He's an amazing author, and humanitarian, and human being who has inspired me to be more than I was before reading this, and I wasn't really a fan previously. Now I feel like I had a good education on all things Minnesota, comedy in the SNL world, the election process, and especially in how to be a good person and do good for other people.

Really enjoyed the journey, to use a reality show term. In this case, it fits.

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