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Spark Joy
Spark Joy An Illustrated Master Class on the Art of Organizing and Tidying up By Kondō, Marie Book - 2016

Her method really inspires me! Whenever I read her book I practically leap out of my chair and start tidying up my room! And this is coming from an adolescent 13 year-old teenage girl, so... that proves that anyone and everyone can tidy! Also, if you do her folding method, you will be begging your Mom to let you help fold the laundry! There is such satisfaction in looking at your smooth, perfectly folded T-shirt. (Okay, I'm starting to sound a little OCD) Though I don't agree with her idea of thanking your things for their support, you can thank God for always providing clothes for your back and food for your table. I suggest taking time to pray during you tidying marathon. Overall, a very good book and must-read if you're desperate to find something that works AND is fun!

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