This is a really well written book. Daisy's cancer has come back and has been told she might live 6 months. Just in time to see her husband Jack graduate from veterinarian school. Daisy is a list maker and one of those items is to find Jack a new wife so he won't be left alone.

This book hit a little close to home for me. I'm an 8 year breast cancer survivor. I was lucky that the cancer had clear margins and didn't go to my lymph nodes so there is a 99% chance it won't come back. Daisy's first cancer went to her lymph nodes so she had a good chance of it coming back. Daisy is a confident person who just wants to make sure everything is in order once she is gone especially making sure her husband is okay and taken care of. She thinks he needs someone to take care of him. I think this is a distraction for her from the cancer and dying and gives her something to do even though deep down it isn't what she wants to happen.

I really liked Daisy and Jack and her friend Kayleigh. I thought they had a great relationship and it was sad to see her trying to ruin what they had for the last few months she was alive. I wanted to reach in and shake Daisy. Remind her that what she has with Jack is something special and that she needs to spend what time she had left with Jack as much as possible.

Even if you haven't had cancer like me, this is well worth the read. It is so beautifully written and will pull the reader right into the lives of the characters. The reader will care a lot for Daisy and it's so sad to know that she won't live for very long. She is a great character. At the end you wish that Daisy and Jack can live a long and healthy life together.

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