Kill Me Softly is a contemporary fairy tale retelling that, frankly, rocks. It follows Mirabelle, but interweaves multiple (Grimm's-style, not Disney-style) fairy tale tropes and characters. It's bittersweet, with some clever moments of language and self-aware references. It's one of those rare YA coming-of-age stories that is incredibly spot on.

There are parallels, even with the magic in the story, to real world abusive relationships, to the hard choices we make as adults, and to the nature of sacrifice. It's almost difficult to call it YA, because it's got much more depth than most YA stories that I've read.

This book actually emotionally affected me, which is always a bonus. And I'll be reading any of Sarah Cross' future books. Also, it bears saying that the audiobook version, narrated by Kim Mai Guest, is excellent.

I highly recommend this book to fans of fairytale retellings, true coming-of-age stories, tales of romance and magic, folks who enjoy teenage characters who act like actual teenagers, deliciously flawed but courageous female protagonists, and basically everyone.

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