No one in Heart actually dies; their soul is reincarnated onto a new body. It has been like this for five thousand years until, templedark happened and Li didn’t give rebirth to Ciana but instead to a newsoul, Ana.

It was something new and different and not everybody reacted the same way. Some were very upset for Ciana would never return. They felt as though Ana had been the one at fault and blamed her for the loss of their friend. Li took Ana away to Purple Rose Cottage, away from Heart, but not away from the cruelty, for Li also blamed Ana for the loss of Ciana.

Finally, Ana is allowed to leave Purple Rose Cottage and get away from Li who only caused her misery and pain. She expects to take the journey to Heart and find all her answers to why she exists in the books stored in the library there. What she didn’t expect was a broken compass and Sylph blocking her path.

Ana starts to truly feel emotions she thought for the longest time nosouls were not allowed to experience. Life for her changed the moment she was pulled from the water.

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