I really enjoyed this book. I liked the writing and the little relations to butterflies all over. I thought I would be annoyed at Ana around the beginning of the book, she seemed so naive, but then that changed and I began to really enjoy her as a character. There was not too much world building thrown in my face from the beginning, instead most of it was shown through the actions of Ana, and not told.

The only thing wrong with this book was that some smaller characters became friends too quickly with Ana and there wasn’t enough characterization on them. All I knew about Stef and Sarit was what Ana said they were, I would have liked for them to be more presented in the story.

Other than that I truly enjoyed the book. The ending had enough closure but not too much that it would be strange for a sequel. Yet, it wasn’t a major cliffhanger that left this book just a part 1 to the series. On it’s own this could be read as a book, and that is why I liked it so much.

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