An exceptional educational program narrated by historian/writer Michael Wood and based on his 2007 book “India (I counted 44 color photos plus geographical illustrations of India over time).” He clearly knew more and passionate about India than shown in his 2017 “The Story of China” in mho (perhaps censorship by PRC?). Excellent history lessons that double as a travel video with many astonishing historic sites and festivals.
Episode 1 – "Beginnings": The Indus Valley Civilization; faces, places and artefacts
Episode 2 – "The Power of Ideas"; Alexander the Great and the Mauryan Empire
Episode 3 – "Spice Routes and Silk Roads"; Kushan empire and Buddhism
Episode 4 – "Ages of Gold"; emperor Rajaraja Chola, language of Tamil and Indian bronze
Episode 5 – "The Meeting of Two Oceans"; Islam, the Mughals and Taj Mahai
Episode 6 “Freedom”; Bristish Raj, Gandhi/Nehru and Partition of India

Tremendous amount of information and extras of the program for perusal at PBS:

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