My Father's Paradise
My Father's Paradise A Son's Search for His Jewish Past in Kurdish Iraq By Sabar, Ariel Book - 2008

I know the uncle of the author, who is also a university professor but in Israel and not in the U.S. so I was pulled to read the book and learn about the family's background. I was riveted to the book for four days and had a hard time putting it down.

The author wrote the book to get closer to his father, a man he had had a hard time relating to. By doing so, he learned about his Kurdish Jewish heritage and how his father spent the first twelve years in his life, in a small town in Northern Iraq, with Jewish, Christian, and Muslim Kurds, how the family was uprooted when they moved to Israel and how they were treated in the early 1950s there, and how the new generation worked extremely hard and succeeded in getting a good education.

This is in no way a work of fiction, but a story of a family, of a culture, how the culture and the language was recorded for the family and Jewish history, and of the relationship of the son to his father and his culture.

I strongly recommend that people with a Jewish heritage read this book and learn about this special Mizrachi Jewish culture and their adaptation to Israel.,

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