This book was a bit reminiscent of Alexander and the No Good Very Bad Day where bad days happen, but don't they happen to all of us?
In this book by Dr. Seuss, the character is having a rough time in his town so when he is enticed by another to find a better land where nothing bad ever happens, he goes on a journey to find the place. The problem is, everything bad that could happen along the way does. When he finally arrives, he realizes that being home is not such a bad thing. He returns, but arms himself against the bad things that may come his way.

This book is one of the longer Dr. Seuss books so it may need more than one sitting to finish it. The message is a great one. Bad things can and will happen wherever you are. Instead of running, prepare yourself to stand up against these bad things. This book is full of Dr. Seuss' standard nonsensical prose and illustrations that make him the wonderful author he is.

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