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A Pattern Language
A Pattern Language Towns, Buildings, Construction By Alexander, Christopher Book - 1977

Missy 2 nailed it.

This is a must-read for everyone who hopes to challenge our corrupt city councils and planning departments, who have facilitated and encouraged a four-decade housing epidemic on the Lower Mainland. Just look at the junk housing going up everywhere in Surrey/White Rock where there is a small patch of vacant land. Between the horrible mostly Asian monster homes infecting otherwise modest single-family neighborhoods, driving up real estate prices, and the overcrowded, overpriced condos that force to negotiate repairs with inexpert neighbors, there is almost no choice.

Councils and planners MUST revisit these crucial principles of 'livability' to avoid expanding our already hostile urban ghettos - Richmond, for example, which no longer features signs in English - and the many homeless encampments b/c councils have been bribed to create shelter for wealthy foreign buyers and not the actual electorate, whose demographics are easily accessible.

UBC has more of Alexander's excellent works. I also recommend Wolfgang Preizer's treatise on barrier free. For TOO LONG we have allowed developers to avoid accessible/inclusive/barrier free design b/c of their greed. This has forced many seniors to give up beloved homes for today's junk housing. Consumers must DEMAND fully accessible housing in an amount local demographics indicate. If the local developers aren't up to the job, there is nothing to stop their European superiors from submitting bids.

Frankly, construction on the Lower Mainland is so awful, I would strip UBC Architecture and Engineering faculties of their credentials - BCIT, too. We've had four decades of their handiwork. Declare fiasco and let's see what talent we might attract to this paradise of geography.

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