The Blood Countess

The Blood Countess

Book - 2020
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In 1578 Hungary, sixteen-year-old Anna is elevated from scullery maid to chambermaid by the young and glamorous Countess Elizabeth Báthory, falling completely under the Countess's spell until Anna realizes that she is not a friend but a prisoner of the increasingly cruel and murderous Elizabeth
Publisher: New York : Amulet Books, 2020
ISBN: 9781419738869
Characteristics: 293 pages ; 22 cm


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Apr 17, 2020

I downloaded this e-book on a whim.

I used to read voraciously as a child, and the library saw my face every single week. I'm now 21, in college, and haven't had the time nor the attention span to sit through an entire book in YEARS.

When I say that I read this in two days, interrupted only by online classes and sleep, I am not exaggerating. I loved this book from first to last page, and I can not recommend it enough to anyone who is a fan of crazy plot twists, emotional rollercoasters, wonderfully written tension (good and bad), powerful female characters, and beautiful prose.

This book does not shy away from allowing women the space to be ugly-hearted and ruthless and irredeemable, and I love that. These characters are given so many layers and such wonderful character development that I was never sure what to expect from either of them. My eyes were glued to the page (screen) the entire time. 5 stars.

lgmosher Feb 05, 2020

"I have since rectified my regrettable lapse in judgement"

One thing I can agree with in this book.... I have absolutely rectified my lapse in judgement to read this book.

Honestly the movement was slow, so very slow paced. The ending came out of nowhere, and not in a good way. Not when you have 200+ pages to help you and I have no reason whatsoever to care about what was going on. It was overe hyped and it under delievered.

I was ready for some true Red Queen "off with their heads!" kind of work that we were promised and the book was filled with picnics and dresses and just... stupid crap that filled pages, that was all. The book held little substance and I found myself bored, so very bored.

The way I would display my annoyance with this book by a half-hearted look and a shrug of my shoulders....

Aka: it's a man hater book... Every man, all but one it seems, is a monster. Popovic has displayed that all men are awful and there's no other way around it.
NEWS FLASH: not all men are awful beings that just want to rape you. There are men out there like that, but there's also decent men in the world to.
Calm your fimenism enough to realize that it's not fimenism... It's hatred for the opposite sex.

In this book the men do some terrible things. Such as the main characters father showing her, his wife, and her sister abuse. As well as the countess experiences abuse from her husband. Which I don't condone one bit. It's vile and takes a very low cowardly man to do such things.... But heres where it gets me:

When the countess does the same awful terrible things and tortures and abuses her staff and all those around her it's accepted as a way for her to express her experiences. A way to let out what she deals with. Pretty much men are terrible beings when they're abusive but it's okay when a woman does the EXACT SAME THING.

"His cruelty seeps below her skin and festers there until the only way she knows to rid herself of it is to leave it open-by slicing into someone else"

This is what we call enabling. Condoning and rationalizing someone's fails. The main character doesn't see that the countess is in control of her actions and therefore is saying that whatever she does she doesn't need to be accountable for it because of her mean man.

It's a double standard and it builds bile in my stomach.

I understand that with a title like "Blood Countess" she was going to be a brute and bitter and well.... Evil so to say.But Popovic tries to make everything she does okay and accepted while she hates on the men. I was all down for an "evil red queen vibe" countess book.... But the execution was lacking. At the very end of the book we get a glimmer of what that evil vibe from her but it spurs quickly when she could have given us substancial evidence for her being so cruel as everyone claimed her to be. Instead... we got man hating reasons as to why she enjoys wipping servants to death... because woman shouldnt be held to the consequenses of their actions (rolls eyes dramatically).

The ending was quick and rushed and thrown together. The book was a bore but as soon as it got interesting all of a sudden the main character knows exactly what to do and takes down the countess in 2.5 seconds... Seriously?? All in all I wasted my time with wanting to read this book. It sounds so very interesting and it was a huge dissapointment!


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