The End of Ice

The End of Ice

Bearing Witness and Finding Meaning in the Path of Climate Disruption

Book - 2019
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"A firsthand chronicle of the catastrophic reality of our planet's changing ecosystems and the necessity of relishing this vulnerable, fragile Earth while we still can"-- Provided by publisher
Publisher: New York : The New Press, [2019]
Copyright Date: ©2019
ISBN: 9781620972342
Characteristics: 257 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm


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"Journalist/mountaineer Jamail illustrates firsthand the devastation global warming wreaks on the planet, offering myriad examples from around the world. On the remote Alaskan Aleutian island of St. Paul, residents face the collapse of the fishing and whaling industries due to melting sea ic... Read More »

"A book about the biggest challenge of our time." -Cheryl. Recommended for: adults and teens coming to terms with climate change/disruption.

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Jan 18, 2020

Another very alarming and thought provoking book. I agree with ‘Dixiedog – Reviewer Dec. 29, 2019,’ this is - A MUST READ - for every politician, conscientious parent, environmentalist, etc. Virtually all material noted in this book is backed by scientific studies. It is past the time when ‘ignorant of climate change - politicians’ can ignore the train wreck that is coming due to climate warming, melting sea ice and glaciers, damage to coral reefs due to the rise of water temperature, melting permafrost, and raging uncontrollable fires damaging old growth forests and forests in general and sea level rise.
From page 167: “The two largest rain forests on Earth are under attach and losing ground rapidly,” and “ The loss of rain forest area has increased a staggering 62 percent from the 1990s to the 2000s, and around the world 1.5 acres of rain forest are lost every single second.”
From page 127: [James Hansen - adjunct professor directing the Program on Climate Science, Awareness and Solutions of the Earth Institute at Columbia University.] Hansen’s “study showed sea levels could rise by at least another 20 feet even if atmospheric temperatures are kept below the 2 degrees ‘C’ “safe” limit and warned that a staggering 75 feet of sea level rise may already be unstoppable given the current atmospheric CO2 levels coupled with the studies showing how rapidly Greenland and the Antarctic are melting.”
Scientific Facts From – []: “The sea level around Florida is up to 8 inches higher than it was in 1950, mostly due to melting ice and complicated by the porous limestone that the state sits on, it’s causing major issues.”
Read the numbers - Average Height Above Sea Level – Miami Beach Florida [2 m] (6.56 feet), Fort Lauderdale Florida [2.74 m] (9 feet), New York City [10 m] (32.8 feet), Philadelphia [12 m] (39.4 feet) and London England [11 m] (36.1 feet). Some flooding of all coastal cities is inevitable. Imagine the loss of homes and the livelihood of perhaps billions of persons worldwide when the oceans rise as much as or more than 75 feet.
Simply read about the uncontrollable raging fires underway in Australia in December 2019 through January 2020 as another example of a disaster certainly attributed to climate disruption, changes brought about due to a small rise in normal temperature, resulting in shorter wet seasons, drought, wildfires and the death of anything and every animal in its path.
Only a fool could read this book and not have concern for their children’s future on this, our fragile island home. By the time politicians wake up, it may be too late to stop the inevitable disaster threatening our very future. Highly recommended reading by Doctor-at-Bass-Fishing! Taylor. A.

Dec 29, 2019

A MUST READ. Like the book ‘The Coming Global Superstorm,’ this book leaves any conscientious reader with a great deal to think about. It is disturbing that there are so many indicators out there forewarning world leaders about a global climate change that will so alter our world and potentially threaten the future of man’s existence, or at the very least, the security and existence of perhaps billions of its inhabitants and countless species on our island home.

From page 106, in this remarkable book – “We don’t have to look far to see who is most to blame for warming the planet. For nations, the United States is second to only China, followed by India, Russia, and Japan. For corporations (including state owned entities), only 100 of them are responsible for 71% of total global CO2 emissions.” Obviously fossil fuel producers are the worst investor owned emitters.

The lives of billions of people will become so desolate should the oceans rise as predicted by world renowned scientists. Billions of persons will be forced to abandon their homes and their way of life for a very uncertain future. Whole communities, coastal cities, most of the state of Florida and all similar low lying coastal areas, and even entire countries will be lost when the oceans rise by perhaps as much as 75 feet or more as scientists have warned.

From page 129: “Studies have predicted there will be as many as 2 billion refugees from sea level rise alone by 2100, with more than 13 million of those within the United States.”

The tell tale signs warning of the potential disaster include: the shrinking glaciers in Alaska, Greenland, Antarctica, and so many other mountainous areas throughout the world, the ongoing melting of permafrost in the far north, the loss of Arctic sea ice, the damage through bleaching of so many of the worlds coral reefs which provide food for over 10% of the world’s population, the risks attributed to rising oceans and the documented and unhindered damage to old growth forests due to only a few degrees rise in temperature, and the shrinking Amazon Basin with its vast biodiversity.

From page 167: “When a tropical rain forest is healthy, it sequesters CO2 from the atmosphere, but when rain forests are degraded by drought, wildfires, human caused fires, clear cutting, and human development, they release most or all of their stored carbon back into the atmosphere.”

The vast amount of entrapped methane concentrations in the Arctic is particularly of grave concern. From page 196: comments in this book by Dr. Ira Leifer - Atmospheric Scientist and Arctic Researcher: “Where he sees the currents strengthening, bringing warmer water into formerly chilly seas, is also where he is seeing the methane anomalies growing. These currents continue to penetrate further into the Arctic, and Leifer is especially concerned about possible rapid emissions of methane from the East Siberian Sea, which he believes will happen within a couple of decades.” This phenomenon is by no means limited to just the Arctic’s Siberian Sea. A massive rapid methane emission could be a game changer. Check out Dr. Ira Leifer on YouTube.
Many of these ignored warnings from so many world renowned scientists to world leaders will become apparent to us by as soon as, if not before, 2050 when scientists predict the game will change.

From the author on page 212: “Similarly, disrespect for nature is leading to our own destruction. By desecrating the biosphere with our pollution and having caused Earth’s sixth mass extinction by annihilating species around the planet, we are setting ourselves up for what I believe will ultimately be our own extinction. This is the direct result of our inability to understand our part in the nature of the world.”
This book is a very heavy and disturbing read, one that every Federal and Provincial politician should read. Highly recommended reading for conscientious Canadians by Senior Doctor-at-Bass Fishing! D. A.

Jun 06, 2019

Well documented and well written, and yes, heartbreaking and essential. Fifty plus years agao I read an article in Life magazine about climate. The closing line has always stayed with me. "Nature bats last."

ma1co1m May 22, 2019

Heartbreaking yet essential.

Mar 29, 2019

This is an excellent, and incredibly sobering or scary book. Jamail takes us to incredibly beautiful places, and presents the science and scientists who are finding our climate is in chaos, w/ worse yet to come. I'm a climate activist, and its worse than i was aware. His ending chapter on grief, and moving forward to action, is deeply powerful. This is a necessary read as we move forward to make things less horrible than they will be if we dont change ASAP.

Feb 12, 2019

This is one of the most powerful books anyone could read. Simply put, in a factual, non-aggressive way, Mr. Jamail educates us on the damage that has been done and continues to be done to our precious Mother Earth. As a former Alaskan, I know exactly what he's talking about. During my time in Anchorage from 2000-2005 the winters simply weren't usually as bad as I imagined they would be when moving from Seattle.

If I could, I would make this and other books like them required reading for everyone. We all need to be better informed on this topic.


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