The Revolution of Robert Kennedy

The Revolution of Robert Kennedy

From Power to Protest After JFK

Book - 2017
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A groundbreaking account of how Robert F. Kennedy transformed horror into hope between 1963 and 1966.

On November 22nd, 1963, Bobby Kennedy received a phone call that altered his life forever. The president, his brother, had been shot. JFK would not survive.

In The Revolution of Robert Kennedy , journalist John R. Bohrer focuses in intimate and revealing detail on Bobby Kennedy's life during the three years following JFK's assassination. Torn between mourning the past and plotting his future, Bobby was placed in a sudden competition with his political enemy, Lyndon Johnson, for control of the Democratic Party. No longer the president's closest advisor, Bobby struggled to find his place within the Johnson administration, eventually deciding to leave his Cabinet post to run for theU.S. Senate, and establish an independent identity. Those overlooked years of change, from hardline Attorney General to champion of the common man, helped him develop the themes of his eventual presidential campaign.

The Revolution of Robert Kennedy follows him on the journey from memorializing his brother's legacy to defining his own. John R. Bohrer's rich, insightful portrait of Robert Kennedy is biography at its best--inviting readers into the mind and heart of one of America's great leaders.

Publisher: New York, NY : Bloomsbury Press, an imprint of Bloomsbury Press Inc, 2017
Copyright Date: 2017
ISBN: 9781608199648
Characteristics: 372 pages, 16 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations ; 25 cm


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Bobby didn't at first come out against the first, he was considering running as LBJ's vice president. When LBJ ended that, quite cleverly, RFK trained his sights on the senatorship of the state of New York, the one that was open. After winning that, Bobby felt more comfortable with criticising the Administration's handling of the War. In a series of important speeches and position papers, he did just that. The press coverage he received was sympathetic, as a whole. Then, Senator McCarthy not only threw his hat in the ring against the sitting President, he beat him in the first primary, using a strong anti-war message. This forced Bobby's hand. The frontrunner in the race for the Democratic nomination to be the President succeeding LBJ was Hubert Humphrey, a machine-style liberal from Minnesota, and LBJ's vice-president. He could be depended on maintaining the war presence of this country, with all its casualties, as were being brought to us on our evening news telecasts, with our dinner, in our comfy houses. Napalming the civilians, etc. etc. The contest became between Mccarthy, with all his support from the college students, and RFK, who was late to the Peace Campaign ( after Gene MacCarthy, a university professor and poet--but rather bloodless, compared to Bobby).That contest was to see who would challenge Humphrey, as he was representative of the current policy. The convention was to be in Chicago in 1968, and that was what everyone Democrat was pointing towards. That was the next big goal on this horizon. the convention, now that was another tale. RFK was no longer around to have influence on it. He was ambushed on his way to a victory party, after winning the California Primary. I'll leave it to STARGLADIATOR to fill you in on how that tragic event occurred. Another crazed lone gunman? Don't you believe it. Remember this pithy saying: ' when you scratch a liberal, a reactionary emerges.' also, ' and here's another clue for you all/ the walrus was paul...'/ I think the Ace security guard shot him from behind, while Sirhan distracted everyone, from the front. Hardly anyone claims Sirhan was ever behind the senator. it is not disputed that sirhan was shooting a .22 pistol. a slug was recovered from Bobby which was a .45 slug. .22 s don't shoot .45 ammunition. it would have taken a magicker bullet than was claimed that Oswald fired to have had RFK killed by the little Palestinian--American who was involved in therapy with a quack of the ages, and a hypnotist, to boot. P.S. Someone burgled the evidence locker so bullets dug out from door frames ( Rosey Grier had Sirhan by the wrist) vanished. How do burglaries occur in police headquarters? Well, how do executions ( Oswald, duh)? What a wild and crazy time the 60s were for us in this greatest of all possible countries. Maybe we got the presidents we deserved, after JFK, RFK, MLK, were eliminated. Look at them. What a sorry lineup they make.

May 14, 2017

An excellent book!
[Sidebar: I really never thought much of the assassination of Bobby Kennedy, until I happened upon Shane O'Sullivan's outstanding book, Who Killed Bobby {also titled, Bobby Kennedy Must Die!}. Unfortunately, Shane fell for a disinformational ploy, and thus wasted valuable resources and time looking for the wrong assassins, but this in no way detracts from a fantastic book. Shane wasn't a trained ferret or investigator, but a documentary maker, so understandable. His remarkable coverage of the trial of Sirhan, which should have been declared a mistrial many times over, beginning on the very first day, surprised me as I didn't remember any similar news counts. In my researches I covered those major newspapers I recall reading during the trial, such as the Washington Post {Bezos Post} and NY Times, and found them all to be pure Fake News, naturally. The only two dailies I could find in the USA back then which covered them truthfully were the San Jose Mercury and small independent daily in Iowa, now long defunct {and there were far more newspapers back in those days!}!
After thorough research I'm fairly certain the killer or killers should appear in that large spread CBS photo of Bobby's speech at the Ambassador Hotel before he was gunned down. There were a number of Iranians staying at the hotel then, and the witness in the polka dot dress ID'd to be hanging around Sirhan that night, an olive-skinned lady in her early thirties with a foreign accent, was also ID'd by a business exec type who had run into her on a previous night, when she had some sort of minder accompanying her. Ms. Serrano suggested the man she saw leaving the scene after the shooting was Hispanic-looking {she never heard him speak} but he could have easily been Persian as well. The LAPD/Ramparts would later bring forth a Nordic-looking, young blonde-haired student from UC/Santa Barbara. The Iranian angle bears interest as the CIA director then, Richard Helms, had attended an exclusive prep school in Switzerland with the future Shah or Iran and the future head of their secret police, the SAVAK, and become friends with them from that point on. Also, Lucien Conein, of the CIA, had trained Iranian Special Forces and SAVAK operators from 1960 to 1962 - - and Conein was photographed in Dallas on Nov. 22, 1963 {I personally believe he was the shooter that missed from on top of the Dal-Tex Building}. Also interesting was that the blonde student witness which did not fit the description which they brought forward had an aunt and uncle who worked in the same classified area at Lockheed as the security guard on duty there at the Ambassador when RFK was murdered - - Eugene Thane Cesar {not Cuban ancestry, but Corsican French plus}, and her father worked at Technicolor Corporation on a contract with Lockheed, while the chief of security at Lockheed was the former personal Secret Service bodyguard to Vice President Richard Nixon, who left for Lockheed when Nixon lost the 1960 presidential election, but would then leave Lockheed for the Nixon Campaign after the murder of RFK. Also, during the Church Committee investiongation in the CIA in 1975 a fact surfaced that Lockheed had a contract not just with the CIA in the 1960s, but specifically with the CIA's MK ULTRA program back then. The FBI investigation report of RFK's murder was a pathetic, infantile pile of incompetent drivel, BTW.]


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