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Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones

Season 5

DVD - 2016
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Season Five has more 'water cooler' moments than any of the previous seasons, with three pivotal episodes at the end of the season that left book-readers guessing


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Jul 28, 2019

This is getting worse by the season, we got it the women will be nude the men will be bloody. The only one who makes the show is Peter and even he can't hold it up forever. It really is getting dull with the pedophiles and incest. It is like a little kid trying to shock you with sweat words.

Jul 14, 2019

I tend to disagree with those who have said that the show is diminishing in quality at about this point; I found this season to be pretty consistently excellent with only a few exceptions, most of which were more like "a line" or "a scene" rather than "half of the episode", as was often the case earlier. This was the first season in which I felt like they had enough budget to make the battle scenes look truly monumental; I also found the sex scenes in this season to be some of the hottest, though that is of course pure subjectivity. The overall plot stumbles a bit, but part of that is based on the fact that this season corresponds to the weakest of the five original books, and another part on the inevitable losses when you cram an 800-page book into one TV season (a problem seasons 1 and 2 also had, though this one does better than those, since seasons 3-6 effectively combine books 3-5 with substantial reordering). In general, the changes from book to screen have seldom been more "for the best" than in this season, and the fact that this is my main framework for analyzing the show is another big part of why I like this season so much; it's both more faithful to the source and more purposeful about its divergences.

Sep 06, 2017

I have to agree with some commentators about it being a soap opera.

After the 3rd season I realized this is just Young & Restless with violence and sex.

However, I'm still hooked and am binge-watching the rest of the seasons. Maybe after it's done I'll start watching Y&R.

Season 5 is probably the least-liked season of the show, but that doesn't mean it isn't good.

May 09, 2017

Some people just love to spoil the surprise. Thanks a lot...
Hard not to see "Jon Snow" pop up before you notice the spoiler alert.
Then centralagav has to go on and tell us about Cersai.

Mar 28, 2017

love this series

Oct 11, 2016

Five stars for the series and especially Season 5 which is only surpassed by Season 6. But the DVDs are terrible. There are three tiers of menus on the DVD set and they don't work very well. I find the DVDs skip quite a bit and they are not scratched. They look virtually new. Also, there's a significant part of Season 5 spoken in the fake Dothraki language, but there are no subtitles for this. If you want the subtitles, i.e. translations, you have to put subtitles on for EVERYTHING. So then you're stuck with subtitles for all the English parts too. I don't know who thought that up, but it's ridiculous. In the digital copies I have the Dothraki parts are subtitled on the screen, low on the screen too so it doesn't interfere with the film. Do yourself a favor and splurge for the digital copies. The DVDs are a waste of money and time.

Sep 17, 2016


Sep 03, 2016

During the first two seasons of Game of Thrones I fell in love with the show, feeling it to be perhaps the finest on-screen fantasy I'd ever seen.

Along the way I started reading the books and was even more blown away. So perhaps the books have spoiled me, but starting with season 3 of the TV series I feel Game of Thrones has gone gradually downhill. It has become more and more of a soap opera, less and less of an epic fantasy. It is a grand, gorgeous, and often exciting soap opera! But nonetheless a soap opera.

The series still scores high marks from me in many areas. The acting, much of the directing, set & costume design (of course!), and music are still superb. But the story and characters are slowly losing my interest. It's a shame.

Aug 27, 2016
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Mar 27, 2016

More on the story "Dance of dragons" in a 20 minutes animated bonus/extra film in disc 4:
Shireen: It's the story of the fight between Rhaenyra Targaryen and her half-brother Aegon for control over the Seven Kingdoms. Both of them thought they belonged on the Iron Throne. When people started declaring for one of them or the other, their fight divided the kingdoms in two. Brothers fought brothers, dragons fought dragons. By the time it was over, thousands were dead. And it was a disaster for the Targaryens as well. They never truly recovered.
Stannis: If you had to choose between Rhaenyra and Aegon... who would you have chosen?
Shireen: I wouldn't have chosen either. It's all the choosing sides that made everything so horrible.
Stannis: Sometimes a person has to choose. Sometimes the world forces his hand. If a man knows what he is...and remains true to himself...the choice is no choice at all. He must fulfill his destiny...and become who he is meant to be. However much he may hate it.

Mar 27, 2016

Nearly all the quotes can be found at:

Tyrion: ...What is it you want, exactly?
Varys: Peace- prosperity. A land where the powerful do not prey on the powerless.
Tyrionr: Where the castles are made of gingerbread and the moats are filled with blackberry wine? The powerful have always preyed on the powerless- that's how they became powerful in the first place.
Jon: Half the men will hate me the moment I give the order.
Aemon: Half the men hate youalready, Lord Commander. Do it.
Jon: But you don't know what it is...
Aemon: That doesn't matter. You do. You will find little joy in your command. But, with luck, you’ll find the strength to do what needs to be done. Kill the boy, Jon Snow. Winter is almost upon us. Kill the boy and let the man be born.

Mar 27, 2016

Brienne of Tarth:...He was murdered by a shadow. A shadow with the face of Stannis Baratheon.
Baelish: A shadow? With a face? This woman swore to protect Renly- she failed. She swore to protect your mother- she failed. Why would I want someone with your history of failure guarding Lady Sansa!
Barristan: When the people rose in revolt against him, your father set their towns and castles aflame. He murdered sons in front of their fathers. He burned men alive with wildfire, and laughed as they screamed. [pause] And, his efforts to stamp out dissent... led to a rebellion that killed every Targaryen- except two.
Daenerys:...I'm not my father.
Barristan: No, Your Grace- thank the Gods. [steps closer to her] But, the Mad King gave his enemies the justice he thought they deserved- and each time, it made him feel powerful and right...until the very end.

Mar 27, 2016

Seaworth: The Shield that guards the Realms of Men- that's what you swore to be. Now, I'm not a learned man, but the best way to help the most people might not be sittin' in a frozen castle on the edge of the world. It just might mean wadin' in the muck, gettin' your boots dirty... and doing what needs to be done.
Baelish: You've been running all your life. Terrible things have happened to your family, and you weep- you sit alone in a darkened room, mourning their fates. You've been a bystander to tragedy, from the day they executed your father. (pause) Stop being a bystander, d'you hear me? Stop running. (takes Sansa's face in his hands) There's no justice in the world- not unless we make it. You loved your family- avenge them.

Mar 27, 2016

Stannis: I retreated from King's Landing, Ser Davos. If I retreat again, I become "the King who ran".
Daenerys: Even if I wanted to do such an inadvisable thing...I couldn't.
Daario: Why not? You are Queen, you can do what you like.
Daenerys: No. I can't.
Daario: Then, you are the only person in Meereen who's not free.
High Sparrow: Your grandson and granddaughter swore sacred vows and lied. The Father judges us all. Sons of high lords, sons of fishermen. If you break his laws, you will be punished.
Olenna: Half the men, women, and children in this foul city break the sacred laws. You live among murderers, thieves, and rapists, and yet you punish Loras for shagging some perfumed ponce, and Margaery for defending her brother?

Mar 27, 2016

Olenna: You there. Where would I find the High Septon or High Sparrow or whatever bloody fool name he's got?
High Sparrow: It's not as good a name as "Queen of Thorns", I'll admit.
Olenna: You should have the decency to stand when you speak to a lady.
High Sparrow: You should have the decency to kneel before the Gods.
Olenna: Don't spar with me, little fellow.
High Sparrow: For me, it's the knees. You?
Olenna: Hips.
High Sparrow: Ah.
Olenna: A man of the people. Is that your game? It's an old game. Dull and unconvincing. A man of the people who does Cersei's dirty work for her.
High Sparrow: The people always do the dirty work.
Olenna: Spare me the homilies. I can smell a fraud from a mile away.
High Sparrow: Useful talent
Baelish: It was an establishment like no other. The sheer range of appetites catered to, desires that didn't even exist until we invented them.

Mar 27, 2016

Daenerys: Why did you travel to the far side of the world to meet someone terrible?
Tyrion: To see if you were the right kind of terrible.
Daenerys: Which kind is that?
Tyrion: The kind that prevents your people from being even more so.
Tyrion: He worships you. He is in love with you, I think. But he did not trust you with the truth. An unpleasant truth, to be sure, but one of great significance to you. He did not trust that you would be wise enough to forgive him.
Daenerys:So I should kill him?
Tyrion: A ruler who kills those devoted to her, is not a ruler who inspires devotion. You're going to need to inspire devotion. A lot of it if you're ever going to rule across the Narrow Sea. But, you cannot have him by your side when you do.

Mar 27, 2016

Daenerys: Lannister, Targaryen, Baratheon, Stark, Tyrell: they're all just spokes on a wheel. This one's on top, then that one's on top, and on and on it spins, crushing those on the ground.
Tyrion: It's a beautiful dream: stopping the wheel. You're not the first person who's ever dreamt it.
Daenerys: I'm not going to stop the wheel. I'm going to break the wheel.
Karsi: You vouch for this man (Snow,) Tormund?
Tormund: He's prettier than both my daughters, but he knows how to fight. He's young, but he knows how to lead. He didn't have to come to Hardhome; he came because he needs us, and we need him.
Loboda: My ancestors would spit on me if I broke bread with a crow!
Karsi: So would mine, but ... they're dead. I'll never trust a man in black...but I trust you, Tormund. If you say this is the way, we're with you.
Brienne of Tarth: Do you have any last words?
-Go on, do your duty. Looks like we're done here.

Mar 27, 2016

Daenerys: Someone else's reason.
Loraq: So your reasons are true and theirs are false? They don't know their own minds but you do?
Tyrion: Well said. You're an eloquent man. Doesn't mean you're wrong. In my experience, eloquent men are right every bit as often as imbeciles.
Sansa: I know what Ramsay is. I know what he'll do to me. If I'm going to die, let it happen while there's still some of me left.
Myranda: Dying? Who said anything about dying? You can't die. Your father was Warden of the North, and Ramsay needs you. But I suppose he doesn't need all of you. Just the parts he needs to make his heir, until you've given him a boy or two and he's finished using them. Then, he's got incredible plans for those parts.
Tyrion: You love her, don't you? How could you not? Of course, it's hopeless, for the both of you- a sellsword from the fighting pits and a disgraced knight. Neither one of you is fit consort for a Queen. But... we always want the wrong woman.

Mar 27, 2016

Jaime: The Lannisters and the Martells have hated each other for years, but you fall in love with Trystane! It was an accident, really- I mean, what were the chances? You happened to fall in love with the man you were assigned to marry? My point is...we don't choose whom we love. It's beyond our control ...
Tyrion: I suppose there's no point asking how you found me.
Varys: The birds sing in the West, the birds sing in the East- if one knows how to listen. They tell me you've already found favor with the Mother of Dragons.
Tyrion: Well, she didn't execute me- so that's a promising start. Now, the heroes are off to find her- and I'm stuck here, trying to placate a city on the brink of civil war. Any advice for an old comrade?
Varys: Information is the key. You need to learn your enemy's strengths and strategies, you need to learn which of your friends are not your friends.


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Sep 28, 2016

Other: nudity


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