The True Meaning of Smekday

The True Meaning of Smekday

Book - 2009
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When her mother is abducted by aliens on Christmas Eve (or "Smekday" Eve since the Boov invasion), 11 year-old Tip hops in the family car and heads south to find her and meets an alien Boov mechanic who agrees to help her and save the planet from disaster
Publisher: New York, N.Y. : Hyperion Books for Children, 2009, c2007
Edition: 1st ed
ISBN: 9781442020276
Characteristics: 423 p. : ill. ; 22 cm


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Sequel: Smek for President.

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Apr 08, 2021

I don't often say this, but the movie this book was based off of was MUCH better (Home). Had I read the book first, I probably wouldn't have been interested to watch the movie. Rex had a great idea here, and the book started out interesting, but it lost me at about the 1/3 mark. It felt very stream-of-conscious and meandering. There were entire sections that weren't necessary and added nothing to the story (Happy Mouse Kingdom) and other sections that could have been good if they were cut down by half (Roswell). The ending was far too rushed. There weren't enough Boov in the story. Captain Smek was barely mentioned. I laughed at a few places, but not nearly enough as I was hoping. The whole book felt like a first draft that nobody went over and edited, ever. The comics and photos were cute and definitely broke up the monotony of there being ZERO chapter breaks (what gives?) and it felt very random what was explained and what wasn't (in terms of pictures and backstory). I get that it was supposed to have been written by a middle schooler- but Rex didn't have to make it so literal. It felt like I was reading a really long "What I Did On My Summer Vacation" essay by a 12 year old.
The good stuff? I really liked J.Lo (Oh in the movie). He was quite funny- in his observations, speech and understanding of Earth things. Gratuity was a capable, intelligent main character, who at times acted a little older than 11, but normally was believable. Slushious and Pig were mostly the same. If you've seen the movie first, you can see little glimpses of it in the book- some of the conversations between J.Lo and Gratuity, for instance, and in few cases, entire scenes, like the one in the convenience store.
On the whole? I'd say see the movie instead of reading this. It's far more entertaining, shorter, and the music and voice acting are top notch. You aren't missing much here.

CMLibrary_DJeffrey Apr 08, 2021

So much fun from start to finish.

Jan 11, 2021

Briefly: Not My Cup of Tea. This could appeal to the mind of one who enjoys a mish-mashed mix of Sci-Fi and Nonsense. I do like sci-fi as in Ray Bradbury and Isaac Asimov, and children's fantasy and nonsense books, but this book---NOT

IndyPL_SteveB Oct 01, 2019

Powerful but bumbling aliens named “the Boov” have conquered Earth and forced all the American humans into camps in Florida. Humans were forced to celebrate “Smekday” in honor of the arrogant, bombastic Chief of the Boov. But then the Boov decided they liked Florida and moved everyone to Arizona. Except they missed a few – included a girl named Gratuity, whose family calls her “Tip”. She meets a runaway young Boov who calls himself “J.Lo”, thinking that would be an inconspicuous Earth name. They set off to find Tip's mother and maybe save the world on the way. It is an apocalyptic satire on conquering cultures, from both directions.

This is a very funny story of bungled alien invasion, with a human and an alien in a road trip comedy. Lots of wit, as the author looks at the American human culture, and a collection of goofy characters. One of my very favorite books of SF humor. Funnier and deeper than the movie (*Home*). It really should be on your reading list.

Mar 26, 2019

To the many fans who have loved the book - I highly recommend you also check out the audiobook/CD version. It is read by Bahni Turpin, an actress who has appeared in many tv shows over the years, and her hilarious interpretation of "J-Lo" is the best audiobook performance I've heard. Expect to hear your kids speaking in J-Lo's voice for months afterward...and I'm pretty sure some of J-Lo's catchphrases ("er...WHAT now?" comes easily to mind) will pop up in your own day-to-day conversation as well.

What happens when aliens arrive and claim ownership of Earth? After her mother is kidnapped by the alien Boov, eleven-year-old Gratuity decides to drive to the humans’ relocation area in Florida, by herself along with her cat, Pig. Along the way, she meets a Boov named J-Lo, who turns her car into a hovering vehicle. Things get even weirder when another alien race comes along. I read this book alone the first time, then to my family over the summer holidays. I was reading it aloud on one of the BC Ferries when a stranger came up and asked about the book. Fantastic and fun! (submitted by SB)

JCLJohnK Oct 06, 2018

This book was recommended to be me because it's hilarious. It's hilarious in the same vein as Douglas Adams, Terry Pratchett, and Jon Scieszka. Everyone who made that comparison is correct. But that's not why I love this book. I love this book because the main character is one of the most compelling and delightful I've encountered in a long time. I love this book because of core relationship that drives it is an utter delight. I love this book because the story is fantastic. It's also silly and laugh out loud funny.

Aug 16, 2017

My son and I loved this book. The movie was really silly compared to the book. As usual, the book was so much better.

Apr 26, 2017

I thought this book was an extremely funny, original and also touching take on the post alien invasion apocalypse theme. Not many books make me laugh out loud and get tears in my eyes but this one did both!

ArapahoeStaff1 Feb 16, 2017

As the original story behind the movie, "Home," this science fiction story of the friendship between Tip and an alien is hilarious, compassionate, and true to what we've seen in the movie, but with more explanation and an engaging plot line. I was absolutely satisfied with this story, and though we see the movie was not made completely true to the original story, it was fun to make the connection from book to movie! If you loved the movie, it's time to go back to what came first.

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Jul 13, 2013

"This seems like an awful lot of trouble for one flat tire," I said.
The Boov stuck out his head.
"Flat tire?"
I stared back blankly for a second, then walked around to the other side. The tire was still flat.
"The car, it should to hover much better now!" he called happily.
"Hover?" I answered. "Hover better? It didn't hover at all before!"
"Hm," the Boov said, looking down. "So this is why the wheels are so dirty."

Jul 13, 2013

"You don't even have a gun!"
"Yes! YES!" he shouted, nodding furiously, as though I'd somehow proven his point. "NO GUN! So I will have to ... have to ..." His whole body trembled. "... SHOOT FORTH THE LASERS FROM MY EYE-BALLS!"
I fell into a row of shelves. That one was new to me.
"Shoot forth the lasers?"
"you can do that?"
The Boov hesitated. His eyes quivered. After a few seconds he replied, "Yes."
I squinted. "Well, if you shoot your eye lasers, then I'll have no choice but to ... EXPLODE YOUR HEAD!"
"You humans can not to ex-"
"We can! We can too! We just don't much. It's considered rude."

Jul 06, 2013

It was Moving Day. Should that be capitalized? I never would have capitalized it before, but now Moving Day is a national holiday and everything, so I think it should be. Capitalized.

Jul 06, 2013

Tucci's essay, entitled "The True Meaning of Smekday," was only one of many items in the unearthed time capsule, including a lock of Daniel Landry's hair and a recording of DJ Max Dare's single "Hit the Road, Smek (Moove, Boov! Mix)."

Jun 27, 2011

Can I come into the out now?

Jun 27, 2011

Regarding stickyfish teams, I favor the Bigfield Fighting Koobish

Jun 27, 2011

We found the bathrooms, which were labeled 'Aliens' and 'Femaliens.'
'Finally,' I said to J.Lo. 'Here's a bathroom you're allowed to use.

Jun 27, 2011

You have no room to laugh, that's all. I'm not doing any worse with Boovish than you did with English.'
Get off of the car,' J.Lo huffed. 'I am an English superstar.'
Uh-uh. There's no comparison. 'Gratuity' in written Boovish has seventeen different bubbles that all have to be the right size and in the right place. 'J.Lo' in written English only has three letters, and you still spelled it 'M-smiley face-pound sign.

Jun 27, 2011

Is there a short-eared koobish, then?'
Mmmyes ...' said J.Lo. 'But it is technically not really a koobish. Is more alike a kind of singing pumpkin.'
We had conversations like these all the time, where I just eventually gave up.

Jun 27, 2011

Wherefor are you knowing it? If you stacked all of the Gorg in the galaxy on top of eachother, the Gorg would kill you.


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Jul 06, 2013

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