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National Espionage, Rescue, and Defense Society

Book - 2009
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Mar 17, 2021

Book 1

Jul 24, 2017

Although I have read this series at least 5 times, I still really enjoy these books. They are action packed and exciting, but any kid in elementary or even middle/high school could relate to them. I do think I enjoyed them more when I was a bit younger, maybe in 4th grade, but I have no idea why, except for the fact that I've read them so many times.

Jul 26, 2016

Nerd, National ESpaniage rescue defence society was written by Micheal Buckley and is a book about a 5 grader named Jackson Jones who is the teams new recruit.I felt like this book is better to be read by 5 graders because it would help them better to make connections with the story. I say so because I am older then a 5 grader and at first I thought I wouldn't enjoy the book because my age group wasn't the target audience! Through the middle I found the book more interesting. My favourite parts are the pages that have identity sensors. At one point I thought about how many people actually licked the book!It is a great and one of a kind book wonderful for adventuress readers!

Jul 19, 2016

i loved this book an amazing read

lukemarco Jun 02, 2015

I found this book in the lib ray while taking out random books and picked up the sixth book even though i didn't know it was the sixth and read it. i then decided to read backwards the the series

Jul 11, 2014

A nice easy read for the week-end.

Meginka123 Dec 08, 2012

AWESOME!!! Love The Hyena.@Noel251-the ending sorta leaves you in suspence. @Ubalstecha-it is funnier than you think! :P

meks Apr 26, 2012

I loved this book! Read it for a book club, and it was amazing. So funny! A great book for all ages

Feb 01, 2012

this is a really good book one of the best books ive ever read

Dec 18, 2011

I really loved this book;looking forward to reading the next ones...though I found the ending a little dissapointing and ridiculous.
3 stars

Nov 03, 2011

A great read for younger children where a team of nerds use their weaknesses to save the world.

Sep 12, 2011

I thought this would be like Captain Underpants but it is a lengthy chapter book just so you are aware.

Jul 11, 2011

My brothers Comment is the one under me :)

love this book funny action packed

Feb 11, 2011

Jackson Jones is the star of Nathan Hale Elementary School. Good looking and popular, he is the star quarterback of his peewee football team. He is also the biggest bully in the school, taking great joy in torturing the weak who surround him. Until the day the orthodontist decides he needs braces complete with headgear.

Overnight Jackson finds himself losing everything that made him popular. No more football since he can't wear a helmet. No more good looking given the headgear. And popular? Forget it. In fact, Jackson finds himself the victim of the same people who used to be his friends. His family reacts equally poorly.

Alone for the first time in his life, Jackson begins to really observe the world around him. He notices many things, but most importantly, he notices that a group of students seem to get up and leave without permission, disappearing for hours at a time. He decides to follow them and learns that there is a group of child superspies working out of the school.

Jackson endeavours to join this group made up of people he used to torture. But can he get the team to work with him in time to save the world from Dr. Jigsaw, a madman bent on rearranging the continents of the world no matter what the cost?

This is a good book that tries to walk the line between action/adventure and comedy. Unfortunately, it is not as funny as it thinks it is leaving it feeling forced at times.

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