Still Mad as Hell After 30 Years

DVD - 1976
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Apr 12, 2019

VERY GOOD 1976 film, cleverly written and produced, depicting role of television news.

Jan 08, 2019

Brilliant and probably more relevant today than when it was made. News-as-entertainment and news-as-outrage-machine leads to some terrible places.

Oct 11, 2018

Did not watch this movie.

May 22, 2018

Pacing and dialog from the mid-'70s (ugh), but, ultimately, well worth it for the spectacular critique of "America stuck in a slump." Hmm...why does that sound so familiar...? Lots of insight into where we've come from, too. Given that it won 3 acting Oscars (1 of 2 films ever to do so), it obviously struck a chord with Americans in 1976. If you can get through the first half hour, you're golden.

Apr 17, 2018

this movie doesn't come alive until the second half, when Beatrice Straight, rivetingly, shows up to condemn William Holden for his unfaithfulness to her, and then when Ned Beatty delivers a succinct, and definitive, description of the way the corporate world works today, dire and prophetic back in 1976 - otherwise Faye Dunaway overacts outrageously, the others are, at least, effective, the script has its inspiring ups and its risible downs

Nov 01, 2017

Anyone thinking this film is 40 years too old obviously voted for Trump.

Apr 07, 2017

I would give the first hour of the movie (leading up to that amazing iconic "I won't take it anymore" speech) 5 stars, but the second half of the movie is more like 1 star and too long and could be skipped entirely!

Jan 23, 2017

Scathing critique of television news ( and media in general )- still relevant.

Oct 14, 2016

Network, which is satire of the television industry, is seriously weighed down by age (it's now 40 years old) and its heavily pompous dialogue.

Despite raising up a few interesting points and questions - The script lacks coherence and a strong framework. Some of the storyline seems completely pointless and love affair between Max and Diana doesn't seem to fit in at all with the rest of the plot.

The actors are disappointingly shallow, vapid and excessive in their character portrayals. And the bland and somewhat slow direction emphasizes the overall dullness of this movie.

Aug 22, 2016

omg! this movie is so terrific. the acting is brilliant with an incredible script. must see or you will atone

Works on many levels which work today to explain the shallow levels mainstream media still lives by.

Jul 12, 2015

This is a great movie. The story is wonderful, the script brilliant, the acting is stunning, the satire cutting and hilarious, and the message serious and profound. " Network " shows how capitalism works in the realm of culture, how the culture industry works to debase public standards and corrupt public morals. Superior to the interesting " Nightcrawler " which deals with similar themes- but not in as much depth as " Network ". Worth watching.

Jul 07, 2015

The Network is film as prophecy. Disturbing, biting in humor, and stark in depicting not only television, but life as imbued by the constant lure/lull of the screen (any screen will do). The only thing I'll say of the ending is that it's typical of the 70's with a bluntness that edges into your skull. People probably focus on this film as a commentary on TV. I suspect this film is a commentary on the perpetual dehumanization of us not by corporations or communists, but by our own participation in denying out of fear what were clearly being told by the elite powers that be. Have people been killed in the name of "infotainment"? Is what you see on the news real? Does even our precious NPR or Fox news actually come from sources that are bought & sold to fulfill global domination agendas? In Network the backdrop is news & TV. Is it possible that if the writer of this film were alive today the backdrop would be environmentalism, transhumanism, and the UN? If you watched this film & it didn't make you see clearly how everything since it's release has come true, and doesn't make you wonder just where things are going, then you are already like Dunaways character, TV (and all media) incarnate.

Apr 02, 2015

so so , kinda boring , slow

Jul 19, 2013

Many accounts have touched upon the prominent fact that though this movie was made in 1976, most of this still happens today. The only deficit: There aren't enough strong people, or just one individual to stand for what needs to be exposed. Hypocrisy is the illusion to social degradation. As one is on the top, he or she does not care who is at the bottom-though it is them that keeps him or her uplifted. Without them-he or she can't continue. Behind the scene forces shows that humans running such organizations and companies are willing to do anything to make it to the top, but fail to realize that they are nothing without those who they step on, and thus-that "glory" is greatly tarnished with no real value. This movie is a very close epitome as to what my career as a movie director/ actor will show in the future, but who says I'm frightened to take on the world, if I'm trying to purge the earth? I give this movie 4/5 Stars! =D

gmikell Feb 16, 2013

One of the discs are missing.

Aug 23, 2012

Incredibly dark at times, this satirical view of power-hungry TV execs and their fighting tooth and nail for ratings is almost scary in its reality. They'll do almost anything for a bit of glory, even daring to put a trainwreck on live television in the hopes of boosting themselves in the process. Considering the shows that are put on nowadays with the lean towards reality programming and willingness to feed on sensationalism, this film seems almost prophetic. It's harsh and offers a rather unique view for the times, especially considering they never intended to satirize networks at all, but rather present them as they were. Needless to say, I'd recommend at least one viewing by everyone. It may not be the best film and you may not even like it, but it definitely has something to say and you should be listening.

epotter8811 Jul 20, 2012

One of the best dramas ever made. Faye Dunaway, Peter Finch, and William Holden all give powerhouse performances that are the stuff of legend. The film is a blistering look at the lengths people will go for fortune and glory. Gritty and darkly satirical, the thing that strikes me the most about Network is how eerily similar most of today's television shows are to those represented in the film. Howard Beale may have been a seemingly "false prophet," but the film itself proved to unknowingly predict the future of television. Absolutely a riveting, relevant film for today's reality-TV obsessed culture.

Badgertg Jun 18, 2012

This movie provides a terrifyingly accurate depiction of everything wrong with society and the media... which is ironic, because it also stands as an example of how brilliant, funny and insightful motion pictures (usually one of the most maliciously anti-intellectual forms of media) can actually be. Paddy Chayefsky's script is, I think, the most perfect script ever written in film history, bar none. ALL the performances are the stuff of legend; from the three stars--Finch's bombastic, messianic nutcase, Dunaway's amoral, soulless executive and Holden's desperate, decent voice of reason--all the way down to the bit players (Straight and Beatty, in particular, use their severely limited screentime to work miracles).

Mar 23, 2012

What truly makes Network a great film, is the fact that it is still relevant today.

Jun 17, 2009

A stellar examination of news media, and popular culture. It was made in 1976, but is just as relevant today.

Incredible acting and an incredible script.

Jun 25, 2008

The original movie about the crazed news anchor and reality shows. I thought it was okay but I was already blanketed by the shadow of network television before watching this.

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