The Story of India

The Story of India

DVD - 2008
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Aug 02, 2018

I would much rather have seen a production done by Indians about India and not the English no matter how well-meaning. Sort of boring though the photography was lovely. Far prefer Michael Palin's journeys.

Apr 18, 2018

VERY GOOD 2 DVD 6 episode 2007 BBC production with Michael Wood exploring the lengthy and diverse history, geography, and people of India including their religions.
Excellent way to get an introduction to one of the modern world's most interesting country and people - and some of its great historical leaders such as Akbar, third Mughal emperor.
This set helped me fill out my non-European/North American educational background.

Apr 17, 2018

An exceptional educational program narrated by historian/writer Michael Wood and based on his 2007 book “India (I counted 44 color photos plus geographical illustrations of India over time).” He clearly knew more and passionate about India than shown in his 2017 “The Story of China” in mho (perhaps censorship by PRC?). Excellent history lessons that double as a travel video with many astonishing historic sites and festivals.
Episode 1 – "Beginnings": The Indus Valley Civilization; faces, places and artefacts
Episode 2 – "The Power of Ideas"; Alexander the Great and the Mauryan Empire
Episode 3 – "Spice Routes and Silk Roads"; Kushan empire and Buddhism
Episode 4 – "Ages of Gold"; emperor Rajaraja Chola, language of Tamil and Indian bronze
Episode 5 – "The Meeting of Two Oceans"; Islam, the Mughals and Taj Mahai
Episode 6 “Freedom”; Bristish Raj, Gandhi/Nehru and Partition of India

Tremendous amount of information and extras of the program for perusal at PBS:

Feb 26, 2016

A very in-depth history of India.

Jan 16, 2016

One of the best documentaries I've ever seen on India. Michael Wood does an excellent job as narrater & the photography is excellent.

Apr 03, 2015

Anything Michael Wood produces is excellent.

kevfarley Jan 02, 2014

Very long,... and very well done ! And even better if you see the documentary "Ganges" beforhand.

Aug 20, 2012

Wood deals so often with Pakistan, and implicitly with Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka, calling this the "Story of India" is misleading. Wood does a good job of personalizing South Asian history and showing the connection of even deep history to modern life. He also spends a lot of time in southern India - he even starts the whole series in Kerala, breaking from the common tendency of treating southern India as an afterthought.

That said, there are errors. Some are obvious, like writing "Tamil Nadu" over Sri Lanka in a map. Other errors are pointless, like repeating a now long-refuted theory that proto-Indo European started in what is now Turkey.

Another problem, though clearly really a history of South Asia as a whole, Wood barely mentions Bangladesh - in part because the last episode really needed to be two, one on the British Raj, one on post-independence.

This is not an academic history of India, by any means. But it is often very enjoyable, with some beautiful shots.

Dec 03, 2011

Okay, but slow moving. Could have been shorter; it really drags and seems redundant in places. The presenter said there are 330 gods in India; well, I think he went to every local festival for each of them! Boring.

Oct 26, 2010

This is worth your time to watch this Video, it's thoroughly cover India from the beginning of civilization to today in which it mentions most about how Buddhism started and spreading out world wide. I recommend this video to all people. It is the best.

Oct 09, 2010

This is very well done. It presents a cultural and historical profile of India. The narrator, Michael Wood keeps it interesting and dynamic.

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